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Make A DIY Snowman Arabesque Ornament with your Cricut!

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For this DIY Snowman Arabesque Christmas Ornament gather the following items:


  • Adhesive Vinyl - I prefer Oracal 651 for my basic colors.  I also had some red glitter adhesive for the scarf and rose gold laying around in my scrap drawer

  • Jewelry Bails to hang a ribbon from your pretty snowman ornament

  • My favorite Vinyl Squeegee - Seriously the felt makes ALL the difference! 

  • And of course Transfer Tape to transfer your cute snowman vinyl pieces to your ornament 



You will need these files for your project.
Click HERE to grab them FREE for a limited time.


Let's Get Started - Time to Create! 
I cut all of my pieces on Cricut and laid them out beside my tile to weed.
I used a fun glitter red for the scarf and a rose gold for the snowman cheeks.  
I use a handy dandy weeding pen from 143 Vinyl that makes this super duper quick.






Time to Add Vinyl To Your Tile!
Apply transfer tape to your vinyl and place your weeded design on your ornament blank. 



Make sure to use a scraper to adhere your vinyl.  I had my 5 year old help with this part.  She's my little mini crafter!



Tada!  Look How Pretty!  I love the sparkly glitter on the red scarf and the rose gold shimmer on the cheeks!



On to The Back!
Now let's work on adding a hanger and sparkly HTV backing
You will need your Jewelry bails and E6000 adhesive.



Flip your tile over.  Add a drop of E6000 and add a jewelry bail on top of the ornament.  Let dry overnight.
Next, cut a backing using the Arabesque Tile SVG Template.  This SVG imports the correct size in Design Space.  All you have to do is upload and cut.  Easy peasy.   
I use Glitter HTV because it is super forgiving.  The back of the tiles are not even so the glitter really covers it up!
Layer your glitter HTV on the back of the tile.  I put my Cricut Mini Press on high heat and quickly move over the HTV pressing it down.   
Make sure the HTV is on TOP of the jewelry bail and carefully press the vinyl down around the bail.  The HTV is flexible and will cover the backing and bail.
Remove the carrier sheet and quickly press down any spots that are not well adhered.
Tada!  So cute - Now we need to add a ribbon.


  I chose to add a Buffalo Plaid Ribbon.  I looped the ribbon through the jewelry bail and then tied a bow.  I added a small dot of hot glue to the back of the bow so it will not come undone.  
All Finished.  
I can't wait to decorate my tree!


Happy crafting!  I'd love to see what you make in my Facebook Group.
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  • Susan Eisele

    how do I see the tutorial?

    Nov 27, 2023 at 14:06
  • Linda

    Awesome! Creative! I love it!

    Oct 22, 2021 at 08:32

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